I was born into the time of normalization in that communist half of the world. I have never regretted it although everything official was my enemy, that’s how I was raised from early childhood. Communists nationalized the factory of my grandfather, so he was the enemy of the state and my parents were persecuted for religious reasons. Father was an artist, photographer, not ashamed to say a thinker, and to a great extent I owe him for everything I am, as to my mother who is my constant support. After the circumstances in the state changed, my father had landscape atelier at FAMU in Prague, and again I am not ashamed to write he influenced many people who refuse to forget him even though it has been 10 years since he succumbed to the cancer and died. I studied at UMPRUM Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague – atelier of photography. Probably the most striking individual I met there was my professor Ivan Pinkava, on the other hand I must say, I have never been much influenced by work of other photographers and as my inspirational source I rather consider art itself, especially paint, I mention at least Váchal, Panužka, Doležal, of ours.

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I’m an artist who uses all available forms of media to capture the beauty, order and especially the mood of our world there, where I have the desire and strength to feel it. To maintain the mood one needs, since the world existed, to soften the too sharp edges of reality so that we won’t look at how things appear but what they really are. For me, the night has always served this purpose, partly because of its serenity which I can’t find elsewhere, and partly because I consider the very lack of light as an amazing and exact filter, offered by nature itself as a tool. Mistakes in the image caused by the lack of light are then inimitable imprint of a period of time and so I gradually became fond of pixels, the same as my antecedents were fond of the grains of photographic and film materials.


2007 Fotonová Smršť (Photon Whirlwind) - gallery Velryba, Prague

2008 To podstatné(The Main) – Gallery Mánes,Prague

2009 Actual Czech Photography – Month of Photography in Krakov

2009 Funkeho Kolín

2009 Awarded Prize of Rector VŠUP for 2008/09

2010 Ego – Langhans Gallery Prague

2010 Zóna (Zone) – gallery 35M2 , Prague

2010 Startpoint – GASK

2012 Twilight in the Garden of Rothmayers – Ateliér Josefa Sudka, Prague

2012 Hidden River, DOX, Prague

2013 81 billion Kilometers Distant Light, gallery Fenester

2014 Common Nature -castle Vranov nad Dyjí

2017 In the Villa - Winternitzova vila

2017 Rügen - aboutPics, EX Post

2018 The Moon, Russia - Villa 651

2018 Father Landscape Son - The Way Home Café

2010 Zóna (Zone) – gallery 35M2 , Prague